The business history of B-TEC GmbH starts in 2000 with the foundation of the company by Hans-Joachim Bödrich and Michael Bellroth. Together, and with more than 20 years of technical equipment expertise in the paint shop equipment market, today´s CEO´s and shareholders decided to bring their experience together to found a company.

With the production of the first automatic spray gun washer with ergonomic access from the front, in a small garage in Lehrte near Hanover, the foundation of a complete series of innovative, durable and ergonomic products was laid.

Today, the B-TEC product range includes a large number of various products which are designed for the individual demands of different users.

B-TEC does not focus only on the core competency “spray gun washers”, but also on unique lifts, infra-red paint dryers and specialized paint equipment like mobile storage systems and eco-friendly waterborne paint cleaners.

The development of all products is always aimed at providing maximum working safety, workplace ergonomics, intuitive operability and quality for the user.

This leads to the result that B-TEC is already market leader in the German spray gun washer market after only 13 years.

Paint processing companies in more than 45 countries worldwide trust in B-TEC products including leading companies of the automobile industry, the aerospace industry or the electrical industry (see references).

By moving the company´s headquarters to the new company facility in Burgdorf near Hanover in 2013, B-TEC furthers its position to better supply B-TEC´s customers with high-quality products in the shortest time, plus a large training centre to make the B-TEC partners familiar with the whole B-TEC product range.

Hans-Joachim Bödrich retired on 31st December 2019.
Christian Bellroth, son of Michael Bellroth, has taken over the company shares from Hans-Joachim Bödrich and B-TEC GmbH has thus been a pure family business since 2020.