B-TEC innovations and inventions have been fascinating painters worldwide for many years.

Honoured i.e. with German Federal Prizes, several patents and are recognizable by the B-TEC “Progress and Innovation”-seal, B-TEC innovations are in use around the world.

Year 2019

The patented water-based cleaning system KANDO enables the cleaning of paint cup systems and thus turns disposable cups into reusable cups. In addition to high cost savings through the reuse of cost-intensive cup systems, their plastic waste is also reduced by around 90%.

KANDO thus contributes directly to the protection of our environment.

Year 2016

For the first time in the world, the RWR-600-DK enables the automatic cleaning and drying of the spray gun, the hose pack and the intake manifold of a spray gun with a pressure vessel cover – all in one spray gun washer without disassembling the gun or the hoses.

Due to the automatic cleaning and with the aid of the blow-out function for emptying the hose pack of paint and cleaner residues, shortest cleaning times and highest cleaner savings are made possible.

Year 2015

Basend on the innovative paint agitator washer AWR-1200 from 2009, B-TEC develops the RWR-Line – the first ready for series production, automatic washers for pneumatic paint agitators and paint pails.

Material and time savings from up to 75 % can be realized.

Year 2014

B-TEC new range of UV-paint-dryers brings UV-paint curing to a whole new level.

B-TEC increases the working safety by a special UV-filter glass which eliminates harmful UV-B/-C-radiation and blinding.

Year 2014

The B-TEC DUPLEX-800 is the world´s first automatic spray gun washer for both gravity guns and tube connected paint guns in one washer.

Year 2013

The B-TEC S.U.M.O. (Set.Up.My.Own.) revolutionizes the spray gun cleaning market.

From now on, every user can individually configure his own gun washer.

Year 2011

The Speedbox 3, the smallest gun washer in the world, cleans spray guns fast, easily and automatically – inside and outside.

Year 2009

B-TEC creates a milestone in the paint cleaning equipment history.

The AWR-1200 is the first and only automatic washer in the world which is able to clean paint agitators.

Year 2009

B-TEC´s Pneumatic Exhaust Air Solvent Saver stops solvent from being extracted out of the gun washer by a local exhaust air system.

Solvent loss is prevented.

Year 2009

B-TEC develops the SR-800. The world´s first automatic gun washer for tube connected paint guns.

Painters are able to clean their spray guns automatically inside and outside without disconnecting the tube – a patented system!

Year 2008

The B-TEC LR-800 is the first washer that cleans air caps of automatic spray guns automatically. Huge time and cost savings in industrial companies are the result.

Year 2006

Together with the H2O-Cleaner-RK, B-TEC launches its new gun washer d-800. The world´s first spray gun washer with two independent automatic washing chambers in one washer.

This is B-TEC´s answer to the increasing usage of waterborne paints as one can clean two spray guns with different cleaning solutions at the same time.

Year 2006

B-TEC starts with the H2O-Cleaner-RK.

The world´s first non-flammable waterborne paint cleaner concentrate that even cleans completely dry waterborne paint guns – also automatically.

In connection with B-TEC gun washers, waterborne paint gun cleaning is easier than ever before!

Year 2005

The B-TEC Polytef paint overalls and paint coats are teflon coated.

Year 2003

The B-TEC Aquadest is the first distiller for used rinsing water in connection with waterborne paints in the world.

It promptly receives the German Federal Prize for Innovation in 2003.

Year 2002

The B-TEC Carry-Line are the world´s first lifts with more than 3.0 tons lifting capacity with this type of car lift.

Moreover, the B-TEC Carry-Twin-Line enables car lifting on wheels or wheel-free with one lift for the first time.

Year 2000

B-TEC develops the gun washer combination K-1200, the first gun washer in the world with ergonomic access from the front.

The K-1200 receives the German Federal Prize for Innovation in 2002.

The foundation of a complete series of innovative, durable and ergonomic products was laid.