Pneumatic exhaust solvent saver

Stop solvent loss

ATEX-compliant exhaust air solvent saver to limit solvent losses when B-TEC washers are connected to permanently running extraction systems.

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Pneumatic exhaust solvent saver

When connecting a solvent washer unit to a permanently running room extraction system, increased solvent consumption is inevitable, as the extraction system continuously extracts volatile solvent vapours from the cleaning area.

The pneumatic exhaust air solvent saver from B-TEC puts a definitive end to this unnecessary loss of solvent.

Compatible with all B-TEC washers with extraction and easy to install, the solvent saver opens the extraction channel of the washer when the extraction is really needed – while working manually.

As soon as the washer door is closed, the solvent saver automatically closes the extraction channel of the washer and thus prevents solvent losses –
a useful investment.




​All features fully adjustable.


Exhaust solvent saver to prevent solvent loss by connecting B-TEC washers to local exhaust air systems

  • Compatible with all B-TEC washers with exhaust air systems
  • opens and closes automatically while using the washer
  • ATEX-Version
  • available in 125 mm, 100 mm and 60 mm duct diameters
  • easy installation
  • if ordered together with a B-TEC washer, slider will already be pneumatically connected to the washer