Perfect paint spray gun cleaning without compromise.

Two universal washers in one space-saving body for water-based cleaners and solvents – the superlatives among paint spray gun washers.

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The d-800 combines two universal spray gun washers for solvents and/or water-based cleaners in one space-saving body with ergonomic front access and simultaneous automatic and manual cleaning on both sides.
It impresses not only with its outstanding automatic cleaning features with 12 cleaning nozzles per cleaning room including automatic clear rinse, but also with its bright cleaning area and the powerful B-TEC extraction system with deep-drawn exhaust channel to extract the solvent vapours where they are – on the ground of the cleaning area.

Certainly equipped with the B-TEC air flow system, the air channel of the spray gun is perfectly protected during automatic cleaning and contamination behind the air cap is prevented.
The air cap does not need to be removed – less mechanical damage to paint and spray guns and high time savings.

The manual cleaning areas offer plenty of space, each with a pump-operated, pressure-adjustable brush, a fresh rinse nozzle for clear rinsing and a central blow-off gun.

including automatic clear rinsing on both sides.



  • Automatic and manual cleaning at the same time
  • for solvents, B-TEC E2C or B-TEC-H2O-Cleaners
  • pump driven flow-through brush with recirculating cleaning fluid
  • manual clean rinse with fresh cleaning fluid
  • blow-out channel with exhaust air channel
  • efficient exhaust air system
  • automatic cleaning with timer
  • including automatic clean rinse
  • pressurized air flow system protects spray guns during the automatic cleaning process
  • brilliant cleaning results – 12 spray nozzles each side
  • ergonomically designed construction allows convenient front operation
  • all features fully adjustable
  • air connector with air blow gun
  • two overflow bunds on rollers (30 L, 58 L, 60L barrels possible)
  • Options: Pneumatic exhaust solvent saver, ATEX-Version; 2 guns in one cleaning room



The ergonomic design with comfortable front access enables optimal viewing conditions on all features of the washer – without glass plates or bezels which prevent good visibility. Ergonomic and fast cleaner change due to moveable collection trays / bunds.

No laborious removing of any frames or anything similar necessary.

suitable for solvents

​​Can be used with solvent and B-TEC E2C.


Can be used with B-TEC-H2O-Cleaners.


Bright cleaning chambers due to the utilization of stainless steel. No utilization of light absorbing plastic.

B-TEC air flow system

Opening of the spray / paint guns by a trigger clamp takes place inside the gun washer after the gun sits perfectly on the cleaning nozzle.
Of course connected to air by the help of the B-TEC air flow system.

Solvent or paint behind the air cap is prevented. No disassembling of the air cap required – less mechanical damage on the paint / spray gun and significant time savings.


​All features fully adjustable.

Kalrez Diaphragm

With the Kalrez diaphragm our pump is resistant against 1800 different chemicals. Made of corrosion-resistant material, it withstands toughest working conditions in the long term – without a maintenance


Spray Gun Cleaning


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3D View

Technical data


Unit dimensions (width × height × depth)

1.200 × 1.810 × 730 mm

Total Cleaning area dimensions per side (width × height × depth)

560 × 585 × 560 mm

Cleaning area dimensions automatic section per side (width × height × depth)

450 × 400 × 220 mm


Cleaning area made of stainless steel, spray nozzles made of brass, base galvanised

Number of paint spray guns at the same time

4 - 6

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