Individually configurable

The world’s first individually configurable paint spray gun washer.

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At the S.U.M.O. the name says it all – “Set Up My Own”.

The washer is divided into two independent cleaning rooms, which can be used with solvent / B-TEC E2C, water-based cleaner or each with a different cleaning fluid.

But instead of ordering a completely pre-configured washer, as it is usually the case, we give you the opportunity to equip your own spray gun washer with various functions according to your individual needs.

The basic module of the S.U.M.O. consists of two compact, independent cleaning rooms, includes the familiar powerful B-TEC extraction system for both sides of the machine and an universal blow-off gun.

You can now choose from 9 different modules that include both automatic and manual cleaning features – perfectly matched to your requirements.

You can find an overview of the modules here.

Two generously dimensioned cleaning rooms



  • Sturdy construction – wall installation possible
  • basic module made of stainless steel
  • basic module including powerful exhaust air system and air blow gun
  • two large cleaning compartments
  • pressurized air flow system protects spray guns during the automatic cleaning process
  • individual and independent configuration of both cleaning compartments with:
    • automatic cleaning with timer
    • automatic clean rinse
    • pump driven flow-through brush with recirculated cleaning fluid
    • manual clean rinse with fresh cleaner
  • for solvents, B-TEC E2C or B-TEC-H2O-Cleaners
  • Options: Pneumatic exhaust solvent saver, ATEX-Version; overflow bund on rollers


suitable for solvents

​​​Can be used with solvent and B-TEC E2C.


Can be used with B-TEC-H2O-Cleaners.


Bright cleaning chambers due to the utilization of stainless steel. No utilization of light absorbing plastic.


​All features fully adjustable.

B-TEC air flow system

Opening of the spray / paint guns by a trigger clamp takes place inside the gun washer after the gun sits perfectly on the cleaning nozzle.
Of course connected to air by the help of the B-TEC air flow system.

Solvent or paint behind the air cap is prevented. No disassembling of the air cap required – less mechanical damage on the paint / spray gun and significant time savings.

Kalrez Diaphragm

With the Kalrez diaphragm our pump is resistant against 1800 different chemicals. Made of corrosion-resistant material, it withstands toughest working conditions in the long term – without a maintenance

Configurate your own gun washer

configurate S.U.M.O


Module 1: Pump driven flow-through brush

Module 2: Manual fresh rinse

Module 3: Automatic spray gun cleaning with timer, sealing air purge system and 9 nozzles

Module 4: Automatic clean rinse (only in connection with module 3)


Module 5: Pump driven flow-through brush

Module 6: Manual fresh rinse

Module 7: Automatic spray gun cleaning with timer, sealing air purge system and 9 nozzles

Module 8: Automatic clean rinse (only in connection with module 7)

Module 9: Base with door (galvanized)

Option: Overflow bund on rollers suitable for Module 9

3D View

Technical data


Unit dimensions including base
(width × height × depth)

900 × 1.480 × 655 mm

Cleaning area dimensions
(width × height × depth)

445 × 270 × 420 mm per side


Cleaning area made of stainless steel, spray nozzles made of brass, base galvanised

Number of paint spray guns at the same time


Paint spray gun type

Gravity gun
(other gun types optional)

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