Water-based paint cleaning for clever spray painters

Water-based paint cleaner concentrate for automatic and manual cleaning.

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Time-consuming manual water-based paint cleaning using only tap water? Not with the B-TEC H2O-Cleaner-RK water-based paint cleaner!

In combination with automatic B-TEC washers, even dried water-based paints can be cleaned automatically within a very short time without leaving any residues.

Supplied as a low-freight-cost concentrate, only 30 litres of ready-mixed B-TEC water-based paint cleaner enable up to 800-1000 paint spray gun cleanings.

B-TEC H2O-Cleaner-RK, with its sensitive cleaning performance (independently tested), ensures the long-term maintenance of all paint spray gun functions, is non-flammable and biodegradable.

With its low VOC content and pleasant smell, the water-based paint cleaner is also ideal for manual cleaning.

For automatic and manual cleaning.


  • Cleaner shipped as concentrate: 10 L concentrate + 20 L water = 30 L BTEC-H2O-Cleaner for up to 800-1000 spray gun cleaning cycles
  • first water based paint cleaning fluid for automatic spray gun washers
  • for automatic and manual cleaning
  • cleans dried and fresh water based paints from spray guns and tools
  • biodegradable
  • does not affect the spray gun bodies (independently tested)
  • non-flammable
  • fresh and mild odour (like window cleaning fluid)
  • for long-term use – additionally, the fluid can be coagulated and used multiple times
  • extends life of all spray gun functions
  • only 14 % VOC-value in 30 L ready mixed H2O-Cleaner