Compact and efficient.

Shortwave infrared dryer with one cassette for small drying areas.

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The IR-B01-B short-wave infrared dryer convinces with its compact dimensions and its outstanding price-performance ratio.

Like all B-TEC IR dryers (except for IR-X), the IR-B01-B also features 2-stage drying (flashlight / continuous drying) to heat the coating gently from the inside to the outside, thus preventing coating problems such as ‘boiling’ and ‘biting’.

Unlike medium- or long-wave infrared radiation, short-wave infrared radiation penetrates the coating and thus heats it from the inside out. Complete sealing of the paint surface with wet paint layers still underneath is effectively prevented.

2-stage drying (flashlight / continuous drying).



  • Shortest drying times
  • energy saving 230 V, 1.050 Watt
  • two-stage drying (Flashing / Continuous)
  • easy to manoeuvre due to castors
  • drying area: approx. 600 x 400 mm
  • Options: Protection cover

3D View


Technical data


Chassis dimensions
(width × height × depth)

700 x 1.550 x 580 mm

Adjustable height

150 - 1.600 mm

Number of emitters


Input current

10 A

Input voltage

230 V - 50/60 Hz

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