Intermediate cleaning with power!

Water-based paint cleaner “ready to use” for rinsing bottles or intermediate rinsing stations.

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H2O Cleaner-RTU

The non-flammable B-TEC H2O-Cleaner-RTU is excellently suited for quick (manual) intermediate cleaning of the water-based basecoat gun in the paint booth.

Mixed ready for use in a handy 5 liter canister, the paint spray gun is clean in no time at all, cleans sensitively (independently tested) and thus maintains all the functions of the paint spray gun over the long term.

We recommend use in the spray booth together with a B-TEC intermediate cleaning station to protect the filter mats in the spray booth.

For automatic spray gun cleaning, we recommend our B-TEC H2O-RK water-based paint cleaner.

Not subject to declaration (within the EU).


  • Already mixed water-based paint cleaning fluid „ready to use“
  • for intermediate cleaning stations and rinse bottles
  • shipped in 5 L canisters
  • no declaration necessary