Stop the mess and annoying solvent smells.

Health protection and workplace tidiness cleverly combined!

Mixing and preparation table with air extraction.

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The Painty-02 work table is the perfect mixing and preparation table when tidiness and health protection are equally important for the user.

Equipped as standard with a powerful air extraction system, annoying smells and harmful vapours are a thing of the past when mixing the paint.

With the help of the deep extraction edge, the vapours are extracted exactly where they are located – at the surface of the work area.

Made of V2A stainless steel, all surfaces are easy to clean, should something go wrong.

Two stable shelves and four gun holders ensure that tools and accessories are always in place.

Of course, the Painty-02 can be excellently combined with other B-TEC products. For example, with our Neo-Plus-Line and Industry-Line washer series or with the AS System work tables.

Drainage area with grating



  • Made of stainless steel
  • adjustable, pneumatic exhaust air system (Venturi)
  • includes drainage area with grating
  • edge protection
  • two stable storage shelves made of stainless steel
  • Included with the Painty-02: 4x spray gun holder, 1x paper roll holder, 1x waste bag holder, 1x exhaust air tube

3D view

Technical data


Product dimensions
(width x height x depth)

1.180 x 1.510 x 600 mm


stainless steel

Operating pressure

max. 6 bar

exhaust hose diameter

Ø 125 mm