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LED daylight lamp with mobile stand.

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Perfect lighting conditions are mandatory for the best possible results, especially in the finishing area.

The energy-saving and long-life LED technology of the Sunny-LED daylight lamp leads to optimum lighting conditions on the object – completely without any switch-on delay compared to fluorescent tubes.
The light is immediately available when you need it and can also be used optimally for colour matching.

Due to the mobile stand with high-quality double rollers, moving over gratings is also possible without any problems and due to the adjustable lamp field, the Sunny-LED can be stored in a space-saving way.

100 % silicone-free




  • 100% silicone-free
  • energy saving and durable LED-technology without switch-on delay
  • much better lighting conditions on the object
  • with electronic control unit
  • perfect for color matching
  • vertically and horizontally adjustable
  • swiveling lamp field
  • moveable stand with double castors/rollers to roll over gratings easily
  • 10 m power cable
  • 6 x 16 Watt, 230 V

3D View

Technical data


Product dimensions with horizontally positioned lamp fields (width x height x depth)

1.270 mm x 1.540 mm x 660 mm

Number of light tubes


Input voltage

230 V - 50/60 Hz (1 PH)

Power of light tubes

96 W (6 x 16 W)

Luminous flux (lumen)

6 x 1.600 lm