Infrared and compressed air technology smartly combined.

Dryer for fast drying of water-based paint spray samples with infrared and compressed air.

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By combining compressed air and short wave infrared, the ST-01 spray sample dryer offers the fastest drying times possible.
Both compressed air and infrared radiation can be regulated individually and the automatic switch-off of compressed air and infrared drying by timer prevents unnecessary energy consumption.

Combined infrared and compressed air.




  • For wall installation or static use on a firm surface
  • rapid water-based paint sample drying by infrared and compressed air
  • timer for infrared and compressed air
  • adjustable infrared temperature
  • adjustable compressed air-flow rate
  • infrared and compressed air are combinable features
  • automatic shut down of compressed air at the end of the drying cycle

3D View

Technical data


Unit dimensions
(width × height × depth)

410 x 300 x 200 mm

Compressed air supply operating pressure

3 - 5 bar

Input voltage

230 V – 50/60 Hz

Power of emitter

300 W

Rated power input

350 W

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