Carry XL-S/-EB

Size does matter after all!

Pneumatic lift for lifting vehicles standing on wheels with 3.5 tonnes lifting capacity – surface mounted or as in-ground version. 100% Made in Germany.

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Carry XL-S/-EB

The B-TEC Carry XL is the largest pneumatic vehicle lift with a lifting capacity of 3.5 tonnes and a width of 2.20 metres. Even with a BMW X7 with a vehicle width of 2.00 metres, driving onto the lift is child’s play.

With the Carry XL we follow the trend of even longer, wider and heavier vehicles and have developed a platform that meets the new demands, also with regard to e-vehicles with their central and heavy battery.

The width without mirrors of current vehicles like a Golf VIII is now ~1.80m. A BMW X3 is ~1.90m wide and a BMW X7 even 2.00m.

The XL lifts are therefore the new standard with a width of 2.20m.

The powder coating including primer makes our verhicle lifts extremely robust against mechanical stress and corrosion. Compared to wet painting, powder coating is significantly more resistant to scratches, abrasion and deformation – ideal characteristics for a vehicle lift coating.

In comparison to hydraulic lifts in the car workshop, our pneumatic lifts work completely without oil or other paint destroying substances – a must-have in the paint refinish and body work sector.

Of course 100% Made in Germany.

surface mounted (Carry XL-S) or in-ground version (Carry XL-EB).



  • 3.5 tonnes lifting capacity
  • provides a better ergonomic working height and therefore improves the work quality
  • enables a working height of up to 1.280 mm
  • air bellows installed below the scissor – hence almost flat upper surface
  • high-quality one piece air bellows
  • extremely robust and abrasion-resistant surface thanks to powder coating
  • practical holes inside the outriggers enable water and snow to drain away
  • length and width for small up to long wheelbase vehicles
  • Made in Germany
  • surface mounted version (Carry XL-S) or in-ground version (Carry XL-EB)
  • weight: 998 kg (Carry XL-S), 953 kg (Carry XL-EB)
  • Option: Part or full zinc spraying of the lift

3D View

Technical data

Carry XL-S/-EB

Lifting capacity standing on wheels

3.500 kg

Effective stroke

790 mm

Overall height min.

Carry XL-S: 160 mm
Carry XL-EB: 0 mm

Overall height max.

Carry XL-S: 950 mm
Carry XL-EB: 790 mm

Working height

Carry XL-S: approx. 1.280 mm
Carry XL-EB: approx. 1.120 mm

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