Effortless cross transport and maximum lifting capacity

Pneumatic lift for lifting vehicles standing on wheels with 3.5 tonnes lifting capacity for a cross transport rail system.

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The Carry – QT is a pneumatically operated in-ground cross transport lift with 3.5 tonnes lifting capacity.

It can be easily adapted to almost all standard cross transport systems of different suppliers which enable the lateral moving of the car for example from the spray booth to the drying booth.

In comparison to hydraulic lifts in the car workshop, our pneumatic lifts work completely without oil or other paint destroying substances – a must-have in the paint refinish and body work sector.

For use of a cross transport system.



  • 3.5 tonnes lifting capacity
  • For use of a cross transport system
  • provides a better ergonomic working height and therefore improves the work quality
  • enables a working height of approx. 1.120 mm
  • double safety feature with protected fall-safeguard
  • air bellows installed below the scissor – hence almost flat upper surface
  • high-quality one piece air bellows
  • gratings over the entire lift area
  • length and width for small up to long wheelbase vehicles
  • in-ground version
  • Option: Part or full zinc spraying of the lift

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Technical data


Lifting capacity

3.500 kg

Effective stroke

790 mm

Overall height min.

160 mm

Overall height max.

950 mm

Working height

approx. 1.120 mm

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