The water-based washer for disposable cup systems.
The challenge against pollution and unnecessary costs.

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KANDO allows the multiple use of disposable cup systems and thus saves high costs.


Help to reduce plastic waste.
Up to 90% less disposable cup systems. Less plastic waste in the environment.


Disposal of the cleaned cup systems after long-term use in the normal recyclable waste possible (depending on national

payback period

Your investment is profitable in a very short time. You can find out how fast here.



KANDO turns disposable cups into reusable cups. That‘s good for the environment and the wallet.

KANDO is an automatic washer for cleaning of disposable cup systems. The patented cleaning system guarantees an extremely low cleaner consumption thanks to the two-stage cleaning process with automated pre- and post-cleaning. Just 5 liters of KANCLEAN cleaning fluid are needed for about 100 cups and lids. This waterbased paint cleaner, specially developed for this application, convinces with its residue-free washing results, even with dried water-based paints.

Additionally, KANDO offers an amazing cost-saving potential combined with convincing cleaning results. The environment also benefits, as disposable plastic waste is reduced by about 90% through the use of KANDO.

This is how KANDO WORKS

1. Draining - Place the cups and lids on the draining station for emptying

2. Pre-Cleaning - Fix the cup systems to the system holder and start the automatic pre-cleaning for approx. 5-10 minutes (depending on the degree of pollution and drying)

3. Fresh-Rinsing Place the system holder in the fresh-rinse area and start automatic rinsing for approx. 5 minutes

4. Drying - Dry the cup and lid with the air blow gun

5. Finished - Reuse the cup system!

Environmental protection that PAYS OFF

The graph shows the annual operating costs in € with only disposable cups and with KANDO usage in comparison. The calculation is based on a consumption of 15 disposable cup systems per day, 251 working days per year and 1,00 € per cup system. The calculation includes the costs for the B-TEC KANCLEAN cleaning fluid, its disposal, the air consumption and 1-2 replacement cup systems per day.

You save up to 75% on your cup system costs.

Disposable cup systems


Working with KANDO




Requires Excel or Numbers

Clean in next to NO TIME


KANDO is not only easy to install and operate. It also works extremely fast: in just 10 to 15 minutes, three cups and three lids are clean again. Then just dry them briefly and the cup system is ready for the next job.

Last but not least, KANDO convinces with its flexible installation location - an extraction is not required (depending on national regulations) and KANDO can therefore also be set up outside the mixing room.


Field of use - Cleaning of cup systems with water-based paints

Kind of cup systems - all common cup systems possible

Amount of cup systems - 3 cups and 3 lids

Cleaning time - About 10-15 minutes

Cleaning fluid - B-TEC KANCLEAN water-based paint cleaner

Features - Two cleaning rooms, draining station with holder, base with door, Kalrez double diaphragm pumps

Material - Cleaning rooms completely made of stainless steel, base galvanized 

Compressed air - 6-6.5 bar

Items delivered - KANDO incl. 2x 25l KANCLEAN water-based paint cleaner

Dimensions (WxDxH) without draining station - 900x655x1010 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) with draining station -1245x655x1010 mm


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