Blow out your spray gun – completely without overspray

Blow-out station for spray guns.

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With the RST-05 the times of open solvent containers for blowing out paint / material hoses of (tube connected) spray guns are finally over.

Paint residues are simply blown into the blow-out channel of the RST-05 and thanks to the powerful exhaust system, there are no overspray or unpleasant solvent smells.

With the aid of the dipstick, it can be checked quickly and easily whether the container is full, and the exchangeable lid including blow-out pipe can be placed on a new empty container in seconds.

The RST-05 is therefore the ideal addition to our washers for tube-connected paint spray guns R-800, DUPLEX-800 and RWR-600-DK.

No overspray while blowing out.




  • Blow-out station for remaining paint before recirculating cleaning fluids is used to clean the inside of tube and spray gun
  • no overspray while blowing out
  • items delivered: Empty barrel with changeable lid including blow out channel, exhaust air channel and dipstick

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Technical data


Operating pressure

max. 6 bar

Scope of delivery

30L pail, stainless steel blow-out unit

Exhaust air hose diameter

Ø 60 mm