Convenient and legally compliant disposal of surplus paint.

Collecting station for solvent based and water-based paint surplus paint.

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Due to two separate disposal stations with extraction system, the RST-800 is excellently suited for the disposal of both conventional paints and water-based paints.

When the lids are opened, the powerful exhaust air system starts automatically to extract dangerous vapours and unpleasant smells. Several paint cans of up to 5 litres can be emptied quickly and easily upside down on the drip screen.

The paints simply run into the collection containers with waste bags located underneath. The container can be changed easily and conveniently using the mobile collection tray.

Fast, uncomplicated and in compliance with the law.

exhaust air system included.



  • Including exhaust air system
  • including moveable bund / collection tray
  • also for multiple paint cans up to 5 liters
  • shipped including 2 pails and solvent resistant waste bags

3D View

Technical data


Product dimensions
(width x height x depth)

900 × 1.010 × 630 mm

Drainage space dimensions per side
(width x height x depth)

410 × 250 × 370 mm


stainless steel, base galvanised

Operating pressure

max. 6 bar

Scope of delivery

Draining station, removable drip trays, 2x 25L pail incl. solvent-resistant foil bag, mobile collection tray

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