cleaning combination for solvent and water-based paint.

Spray gun washer for automatic and manual solvent paint cleaning, and manual water-based paint cleaning with coagulation stand.

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The k-800 enables automatic and manual cleaning with solvent in the extracted cleaning area on the right-hand side of the machine. The standard automatic clear rinse significantly reduces solvent consumption.

The left-hand side of the unit corresponds to the B-TEC w-800-1, a universal cleaning station for water-based paints with pneumatic mixing device (coagulation) for manual cleaning of parts or paint spray guns by using a brush and a water gun – perfect in combination with our B-TEC water-based paint cleaner H2O-RK.

Do you want to clean your water-based paint guns automatically as well? We recommend our d-800 and SUMO automatic washer combinations.

Automatic clear rinsing on the solvent side.



  • Left-hand side for manual cleaning of water based paints, right-hand side for automatic and manual cleaning of solvent based paints
  • space saving – only 1200 mm wide
  • brilliant cleaning results
  • easy handling
  • including coagulation kit and filters
  • ergonomically designed construction allows convenient front operation
  • all cleaning-relevant parts made of stainless steel
  • all features fully adjustable
  • includes door for the base
  • automatic clear rinse on the solvent side
  • overflow bund on rollers (30 L, 58 L, 60L barrels possible)
  • Option: Pneumatic exhaust solvent saver, ATEX-Version



The ergonomic design with comfortable front access enables optimal viewing conditions on all features of the washer – without glass plates or bezels which prevent good visibility. Ergonomic and fast cleaner change due to moveable collection trays / bunds.

No laborious removing of any frames or anything similar necessary.

suitable for solvents

​Can be used with solvent and B-TEC E2C.


Can be used with B-TEC-H2O-Cleaners.


Bright cleaning chambers due to the utilization of stainless steel. No utilization of light absorbing plastic.

B-TEC air flow system

Opening of the spray / paint guns by a trigger clamp takes place inside the gun washer after the gun sits perfectly on the cleaning nozzle.
Of course connected to air by the help of the B-TEC air flow system.

Solvent or paint behind the air cap is prevented. No disassembling of the air cap required – less mechanical damage on the paint / spray gun and significant time savings.


​All features fully adjustable.

Kalrez Diaphragm

With the Kalrez diaphragm our pump is resistant against 1800 different chemicals. Made of corrosion-resistant material, it withstands toughest working conditions in the long term – without a maintenance


Spray Gun Cleaning


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3D View

Technical data


Unit dimensions
(width × height × depth)

1.200 x 1.810 x 730 mm

Cleaning area dimensions right side
(width × height × depth)

560 x 570 x 560 mm

Cleaning area dimensions left side
(width × depth)

550 x 560 mm


Cleaning area made of stainless steel, base galvanised

Number of paint spray guns at the same time


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