Modular design

Perfectly combinable for best possible space savings and optimal functionality

Modular combination of the Industry-Line 1200 series.

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Modular design

All units of the Industry-Line 1200 series (K-1200, M-1200, T-1200) can be combined with each other in a space-saving and functional way due to their identical design.

Their perfectly coordinated design not only optimizes functionality, but also creates a coherent, homogeneous overall appearance.

Designed for the toughest working conditions.


  • All Industry-Line products can be combined perfectly and functionally
  • The specific and individual needs of users are guaranteed to be met
  • All models completely stainless steel
  • Designed for the toughest working conditions.
  • for solvents, B-TEC E2C or B-TEC-H2O-Cleaners
  • Washers, work tables and other accessories from B-TEC can be combined individually and are perfectly matched in their dimensions – space-saving with optimized functionality!

Product advantages


Bright cleaning chambers due to the utilization of stainless steel. No utilization of light absorbing plastic.


Alle FunktioneAll features fully adjustable.


The ergonmic design with comfortable front access enables optimal viewing conditions on all features of the washer – without glass plates or bezels which prevent good visibility. Ergonomic and fast cleaner change due to moveable collection trays / bunds.

No laborious removing of any frames or anything similar necessary


Spray Gun Cleaning


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