Manual large-capacity washer with immersion tanks.

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With the M-1200-TW, cleaning immersion is a breeze – even of large parts. Equipped as standard with two immersion tanks of 250 x 400 x 250 mm each as well as a spacious manual cleaning area with a pump-operated and pressure-adjustable flow-through brush, a fresh rinse nozzle for clean rinsing as well as a blow-off gun, manual cleaning of heavily soiled parts is a pleasure. Certainly equipped with the powerful B-TEC air extraction system and its ergonomic design, the user is excellently protected.

As part of the B-TEC 1200 Modular Design of our Industry Line, it can also be easily combined with other units such as the K-1200 or M-1200.

In addition, we offer you the possibility to define the size of the immersion tank individually. Do you need a single large tank or a larger manual cleaning station? No problem – just contact us!

Compact combination for immersing / washing.



  • Manual heavy duty gun washer with two immersion tanks and two baskets
  • compact washer combination for immersion and washing
  • for solvents, B-TEC E2C or B-TEC-H2O-Cleaners
  • stainless steel flap with automatic exhaust air activation as a standard (pretends dust ingress)
  • two immersion tanks (each 250 x 400 x 250 mm)
  • two immersion baskets
  • set of basket grippers
  • two removable tank covers made of stainless steel
  • one ¾“ drain tap each tank
  • manual cleaning station with pump driven and adjustable flow-through brush
  • one blow gun with air hose
  • manual clean rinse with fresh cleaner
  • overflow bund on rollers and door included
  • 2x exhaust air hose 125 mm x 1500 mm
  • Options: Pneumatic exhaust solvent saver, ATEX-Version (two solvent savers are required for the M-1200-TW); Stainless steel shelf and splash guard



The ergonomic design with comfortable front access enables optimal viewing conditions on all features of the washer – without glass plates or bezels which prevent good visibility. Ergonomic and fast cleaner change due to moveable collection trays / bunds.

No laborious removing of any frames or anything similar necessary.


Can be used with B-TEC-H2O-Cleaners.


Bright cleaning chambers due to the utilization of stainless steel. No utilization of light absorbing plastic.


​All features fully adjustable.

Kalrez Diaphragm

With the Kalrez membrane our pump is resistant against 1800 different chemicals. Made of corrosion-resistant material, itwithstands toughest working conditions in the long term – without a maintenance

suitable for solvents

​Can be used with solvent and B-TEC E2C.

3D View

Technical data


Unit dimensions
(width × height × depth)

1.210 x 1.850 x 700 mm

Cleaning area dimensions
(width × height × depth)

1.200 x 540/620 x 670 mm

Dimensions of immersion tank
(width × height × depth)

260 × 265 × 410 mm
individual size and number on request


stainless steel

Type of paint

Water-based or solvent-based paint

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